Stream and Wetland Restoration

Our stream and wetland restoration program is committed to improving streams, wetlands, and other degraded habitats to filter pollutants, reduce erosion, protect drinking water sources, and provide critical habitat areas for valuable plants and wildlife.

Downstream Strategies provides full-service environmental consulting and innovative solutions from start to finish for low-risk, successful stream and wetland restoration projects. Our team brings experience in grant writing, natural stream design, wetland science, construction management, and multidisciplinary science planning to handle any project from funding to fruition. Many of our stream and wetland restoration projects incorporate long-term monitoring to ensure ongoing success.

We complete quality, ecologically-sound restoration projects for local and state government clients, nonprofits, mitigation bankers, and private clients.

Our services include:
  • Grant writing
  • Stream and wetland assessment and delineation
  • Restoration planning, design, budgeting, and permit compliance
  • Implementation and construction
  • Long-term monitoring and reporting

Stream and Wetland Restoration Contact

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Blue Bend Trail Bridge Replacement

Blue Bend Recreational Area is a popular camping, swimming, and hiking trailhead along Anthony Creek in the Monongahela National Forest. Severe flooding in 2016 washed out a historic footbridge that connected the main parking lot to the swimming area. Downstream Strategies completed bank stabilization and habitat improvement work around the remaining CCC-constructed bridge abutments using large root balls, constructed new higher bridge abutments, and installed a new 46-foot pedestrian bridge. We also constructed ADA-compliant approaches to the new bridge and managed all erosion and sediment control measures for the project. The new bridge provides safe, more resilient access to the swimming area while protecting the remnants of the past.