Environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring provides important data that can be used in a variety of applications. Downstream Strategies offers a diverse range of technical field services for assessing air, soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater quality, as well as the health of ecological populations.

We are experienced in sample collection, interpretation and communication of analytical results, and designing and adhering to defensible sampling protocols.

Our professional and trained field staff utilize established standard operating procedures and quality assurance/quality control programs to collect and provide reliable and representative data.


Water quality monitoring can be used to establish a baseline prior to disturbance, ensure that water quality is protected during industrial development, provide information for watershed planning, and demonstrate compliance with NPDES permits. We offer services for chemical, physical, and biological monitoring, including fish and benthic macroinvertebrate assessments.
Our projects range from single-event sample collection to long-term, recurring sampling projects. We have extensive experience conducting baseline and ongoing monitoring related to surface and underground coal mines as well as shale gas development.

  • Surface water testing
  • Groundwater testing
  • Private well testing
  • Biological assessment
  • Stormwater sampling
  • NPDES permit compliance monitoring


We offer air quality data collection services for citizens, local governments, and community groups concerned about air quality near industrial developments. We also measure and remediate mold inside of buildings. Downstream Strategies personnel hold certifications as Certified Indoor Environmentalists (CIEs) and Certified Microbial Remediators (CMRs) from the American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC), the only independently-accredited certification body in the indoor air quality industry.

  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • Outdoor air quality testing
  • Mold assessment and remediation


Contaminated soils have the potential to leach pollutants to groundwater and surface waters. It is therefore imperative to assess soil quality prior to redevelopment or any activity that will disturb soils. We offer soil quality analysis related to redevelopment activities, site characterization, and remediation of contaminated soils.

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Hazardous Waste Landfill Inspection and Maintenance in Bluffton, Indiana

Downstream Strategies is providing HAZWOPER-trained staff and project management for onsite maintenance and inspection work at a closed hazardous waste landfill in Bluffton, Indiana. Our staff working at the site is required to be fit-tested for use of a full face respirator and to have completed site-specific awareness training for anhydrous ammonia exposure, due to an active distribution facility adjacent to the landfill that presents a potential respiratory exposure hazard.

Doddridge County Commission Surface Water Sampling

Downstream Strategies collected surface water quality samples from Middle Island Creek, which is the drinking water source for West Union, West Virginia. Sampling was conducted for two years—quarterly during the first year and twice during the second year—to monitor for water quality changes in source water. We provided water quality reports to the Commission and presented data to the public at county commission meetings.