Outreach and Engagement

Good decisions rely on good information. Our team is committed to helping clients facilitate community collaborations and tell their stories to broader audiences.

Public facilitation

At Downstream Strategies, we know that community engagement can dramatically enhance planning efforts and implementation projects. Our staff are skilled in facilitating techniques and have led public meetings, design charrettes, and open houses for a number of projects. We also work with private groups to guide nonprofit boards and committees through visioning and facilitated planning sessions.

  • Facilitation of public meetings, open houses, charrettes, and visioning sessions
  • Presentations
  • Feedback and outreach

Stakeholder surveys

Downstream Strategies has extensive stakeholder surveying experience to collect in-depth data across broad geographies and populations. Our team develops appropriate and functional surveys and tools to collect new data, ground-truth assumptions, and collect feedback. Our team works with clients to determine the goals of the survey and craft a data collection method that most effectively gathers the needed information.

  • Stakeholder identification and sampling
  • Survey design and development
  • In-person and online survey administration
  • Response monitoring and data analysis


Web-based multimedia applications offer innumerable tools to distill complicated science into effective communication. Our team designs and deploys web-mapping applications, story maps, and other custom multimedia features to engage and inform clients and the general public.

Education, reference, and training resources

Our team works with clients to develop handbooks, policy briefs, and other documents that explain regulations and future impacts, outline guidelines, and document best practices. These documents can open doors to future funding and partnerships and build broad-based support for your work.

  • Summary documents
  • Handbooks and informational guides
  • Training videos

Outreach and Engagement Contact


Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool

Downstream Strategies created this tool with funding from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service to provide resource managers and the general public with access to the extensive spatial data and results produced from multiple fish habitat assessments.

Little Tennessee River Watershed

Downstream Strategies developed an ArcGIS Online web-mapping application that compiles a myriad of data relevant to aquatic conservation within the Little Tennessee River watershed. This application provides guidance for aquatic conservation fish and restoration specialists working within the watershed. Also, Downstream Strategies developed a public-facing Story Map that reviews the diversity, threats, conservation projects, and recreational opportunities within the watershed.