Geospatial Analysis

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are invaluable tools for storing, analyzing, and understanding location-based information. At Downstream Strategies, we use GIS and geospatial technologies in nearly every project to solve problems in a coherent and well-organized manner. Our expertise in geospatial analysis helps us develop efficient, workable solutions for our clients.

Downstream Strategies believes maps and mapping are an important component of science and communication. We are well-versed in a wide range of GIS skills and applications including environmental modeling, logistics and routing, ecological modeling, and developing and maintaining large databases. We also offer extensive experience creating end-user platforms, ranging from simple web maps to fully customized analytical tools.

Data and tool development

  • Geodatabase design and management
  • Onsite data collection (GPS)
  • 3D model generation
  • Custom decision support tool creation
  • Multi-criteria decision-making applications
  • Data interpretation and custom analyses
  • Geoprocessing models
  • CAD conversion and image geo-rectification/geo-referencing
  • Map digitization, vectorization, and feature extraction

Custom cartography and web-mapping application development

  • Google Earth applications
  • Web-based mapping
  • Custom mapping
  • ArcExplorer support
  • Poster design
  • Field map creation
  • Mapbooks
  • Story maps

Environmental modeling and spatial analysis

  • Modeling for ecological, watershed, geologic, hydrologic, and predictive applications
  • Pollution loading
  • Habitat assessments and conservation studies
  • Site characterizations and corridor studies
  • Viewshed, trend, and statistical analyses

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Hub Connectivity Feasibility Assessment

This study builds on existing research and a distributor survey to provide an overview of inter-food-hub and distributor relationships present in West Virginia’s local food economy. Results identify communities in West Virginia that show high probability for success in ongoing and future local food development efforts and includes a case study of how a new strategy for local food consortia could work.

Charting Restoration: Gulf Restoration Priorities and Funded Projects

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill focused the attention of the Gulf states and the nation on the ongoing problems in the Gulf of Mexico. In the years since, multiple restoration plans have been developed with the goal of guiding restoration and conservation decisions in the Gulf of Mexico and the lands along its coastline. Downstream Strategies managed geospatial data for this project and prepared this report and accompanying story map to analyze those plans, maps restoration priorities across the Gulf, and then compares the findings to the BP-related money that has been distributed to date.