Decision Support Systems

Downstream Strategies develops unique decision support systems that streamline routine data gathering and simplify the analysis of complex processes. These custom tools enhance efficiency and assist decision-makers across a wide range of applications and disciplines.

Downstream Strategies creates custom solutions to help meet the daily decision-making needs for a wide variety of clients. We offer a broad base of experience conceptualizing, developing, deploying, and managing a variety of decision support tools across multiple platforms. This includes both internal decision support systems and public-facing tools across a range of environmental topics, including:

  • Drinking water protection
  • Conservation prioritization
  • Land use planning
  • Community planning
  • Environmental impact

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Fish Habitat Decision Support Tool

This tool provides resource managers and the public with access to the extensive spatial data and results produced from multiple fish habitat assessments. Three main analytical tools—visualization, ranking, and futuring—are combined with intuitive basemaps and mapping features to allow users to explore the details of the fish habitat assessments and perform subsequent analyses.

Morgantown Utility Board Monitor

Downstream Strategies created a web-based mapping tool that supports the utility’s source water protection efforts. It can be used to track potential contaminant sources and respond to potential spills.