Science-Based Planning

Whether focused on a parcel of land, a watershed, a region, or a state, the best planning documents are informed by sound science and rigorous analysis. Downstream Strategies catalogs current conditions, links policy and management options with scientific data, performs economic benefits analyses, and writes detailed plans to arm our clients with the technical expertise needed to improve and protect vital resources.

Rivers and watersheds

Downstream Strategies provides wide-ranging water resources planning assistance for watershed groups, river management organizations, government entities, and nonprofits.

  • Alternative energy futures and scenario development
  • Analyses of energy-related permits
  • Energy development and market trends analyses

Habitat and conservation plans

We conduct assessments and plans for specific species, habitats, and ecosystems. We also assess and prepare management plans for parcels related to real estate acquisitions.
  • Habitat assessments
  • Conservation plans
  • Tract management plans

Climate adaptation planning

Downstream Strategies offers complete planning services for climate mitigation and greenhouse gas reduction for municipalities and other government entities.
  • Climate adaptation plans
  • Greenhouse gas inventories
  • Climate mitigation and greenhouse gas reduction planning
  • Cost-benefit analyses of alternative reduction and mitigation strategies
  • Analyses and support for purchasing or selling carbon offsets and renewable energy credits

Science-Based Planning Contact

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Lake Superior Brook Trout Conservation and Prioritization Report

Downstream Strategies collaborated in conservation planning for brook trout populations in the Lake Superior Basin. Conservation efforts included data collection and analysis, assessing climate change vulnerability and resiliency, and creating a portfolio of conservation scenarios that identified high priority watersheds for conservation planning.