As America looks to reclaim its blighted lands and build economies from within, Downstream Strategies stands at the ready to help guide sustainable visions from idea to reality.


A brownfield is a property having real or perceived environmental conditions that limit its use and redevelopment. Such properties often occupy prime locations in core business districts, in industrial zones, or along waterfronts. Restoring blighted industrial and commercial properties can have a transformative effect on communities evolving from past economies.

The first part of the brownfield redevelopment process is to identify whether contamination is present at a property, and if so, to accurately assess its extent. Based on the initial assessment, remediation can be performed and funding can be secured to support final redevelopment.

Brownfield redevelopment relies on strong coordination among stakeholders including community leaders, government agencies, private parties, and nonprofit organizations. Downstream Strategies has worked successfully with communities and stakeholders to implement their visions to successfully transform properties into public parks, private business enterprises, and affordable housing.

  • Phase I and II environmental site assessments (ESAs)
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • Case studies
  • Economic impact and market assessments
  • Brownfields and community revitalization: asset-based community visioning

Project implementation and management

Putting plans into action, our team helps communities, nonprofits, and other partners implement high priority projects. Our staff works closely with clients to bring to life projects developed through careful and inclusive planning.

  • Request for proposal/quote management
  • Construction oversight
  • Project management and reporting
  • Trail building
  • Stream and wetland restoration

Mine land reuse

Appalachia is home to tens of thousands of acres of formerly mined land, much of which is capable of supporting innovative, sustainable, and job-creating economic activities. Our team has proven experience working with community stakeholders to realize the full potential for some of these sites. Our creative re-envisioning process utilizes GIS, stakeholder input, qualitative research, and other technical resources to inform how best to approach the challenge of redevelopment at each mine site.

  • Landscape assessment
  • Site identification
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Site mapping

Redevelopment Contact

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Brownfields Assessments and Cleanup Services for Thomas, West Virginia

From 2014 through 2017, Downstream Strategies was engaged as the technical consultant and project Licensed Remediation Specialist for the City of Thomas, West Virginia, under an EPA Brownfields Hazardous Substances Assessment Grant. We completed six Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) and a Phase II ESA for the City’s 28-acre Riverfront Park. Since completing the assessment phase of this work, we continue to serve as the technical consultant for the City’s 2016 and 2017 Brownfields Hazardous Substances Cleanup Grant projects.

Perrine DuPont Settlement

Downstream Strategies worked towards the remediation of a property impacted by heavy metal contamination during the Perrine DuPont settlement in West Virginia. Project tasks included providing technical recommendations for the design and oversight of a soil and interior dust sampling program, presenting at public meetings, and providing expert testimony in a courtroom setting.