Land Ownership and Use

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About This Map

As part of this project, land ownership information was gathered and formatted for the Muddy Creek watershed.  Parcel data were purchased from the West Virginia Tax Department and digitized from existing tax maps.  The West Virginia State Tax Assessment database was also purchased; these data were linked to the spatial parcel data and mapped for the watershed.  This dataset provides practitioners the ability to target certain landowners for potential projects and keep track of existing efforts for garnering support in the watershed.  A more detailed landowner database is managed by FOLGR and is used for mailing and outreach.  The map shows the parcel boundaries.  Clicking on the parcel of interest will display other important information that will assist in targeting outreach efforts.  This information includes the amount of agricultural land, total parcel size, whether the property borders a stream, the length of stream that flows across the property, and the actual riparian area acreage.  All of this information will help decision makers identify specific landowners and concentrating efforts for a more effective project development campaign.