Muddy Creek Hydrology and Water Quality

If you are having trouble viewing the map you may need to download and install the Google Earth Plugin.

About this Map

Shown to the left in Google Earth are the datasets that represent certain hydrologic features in the Muddy Creek watershed.  Included in this dataset are the water quality sampling locations (WVDEP) located in the Muddy Creek watershed, shown on the map as green and red dots.  The fecal coliform results were summarized for each sample location and are accessible by clicking any of the monitoring locations.  Green dots represent locations that have not exceeded water quality criteria and red dots represent locations that have, each location lists the summarized results.  Many other parameters were analyzed at the various locations; these data are available by accessing the water quality database on this website. Also shown are the streams that flow throughout the Muddy Creek watershed.  In addition, red streams indicate that the stream length is impaired by fecal coliform and is addressed in the TMDL.