A few words about us

We have considerable background in environmental science and policy, Geographic Information Systems, field monitoring and remediation, watershed planning, and permitting. Our skills also include environmental economics, survey design and execution, and source water protection services. We have an established track record of managing successful projects from inception to completion.

What we offer

  • Policy analyses
  • Planning and visioning
  • Climate change & disaster management
  • Spatial analysis and mapping
  • Visualization and modeling
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
  • Scientific research
  • Project development and management

Why us

Downstream Strategies has more than 16 years of experience building capacity for sustainability through projects in our three main program areas. We now hold a GSA Schedule Contract and our newly expanded toolkit includes climate change and disaster management.

Our team

Fritz Boettner - Principal, Geographic Information Systems Program

Mr. Boettner has over ten years of professional experience in a wide array of environmental consulting activities. He has developed and managed complex environmental projects, including organizing resources, outlining project scopes, and developing and working within project budgets. He offers clients expertise in applying computer-based GIS systems, simulations, and animation. He utilizes GIS and computer visualization to complete projects at the local, regional, and national levels in the fields of planning, water resources, and environmental science. He also has experience performing complex spatial analysis to assist with natural resource management as well as providing GIS tools and support. Resume

Marc Glass - Principal, Soil and Water Remediation

Mr. Glass has over twelve years of experience in environmental consulting and management. He is skilled in the evaluation and remediation of environmental contamination. Mr. Glass' experience includes Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments, petroleum and chlorinated solvent site investigations, design and installation of monitoring well networks, aquifer testing, asbestos and biological remediation and project supervision, preparation of facility Spill Prevention Plans for above-ground and underground storage tank facilities, and mold investigation and remediation. Resume

Evan Hansen - Principal, Water and Energy Programs

Mr. Hansen explores resource and environmental problems and solutions in three areas: water, energy, and land. He manages interdisciplinary research teams, performs quantitative and qualitative policy and scientific analyses, provides litigation support and expert testimony, develops computer tools, provides training, and performs field monitoring. Resume

Meghan Betcher - Project Environmental Scientist

Ms. Betcher offers expertise in environmental science, specifically microbiology and ecology. She is experienced in project design, field sampling, data analysis, and presentation of complex scientific findings to academics, students, and community groups. Resume

Patty Boros - Finance Director

Ms. Boros is a CPA with over 15 years of experience in financial reporting and accounting for private businesses and nonprofit organizations. She manages Downstream Strategies’ invoices and payments with our clients and vendors.

Jason Clingerman - Project Aquatic Ecologist, Water Program

Mr. Clingerman is experienced in natural resources science and management, specifically in aquatic ecology and water monitoring. He also has six years of experience utilizing GIS technologies for geographic and aquatic applications. Resume

Sara Cottingham - Impact WV Fellow

Ms. Cottingham concentrates on community and environmental planning and nonprofit organizational development. She earned a Master’s in Community & Regional Planning and has worked with many nonprofits, ranging from small grassroots groups to regional and national organizations. She specializes in watershed management, grant writing, organizational assessment, capacity building, fundraising, and volunteer management. Ms. Cottingham brings expertise in place–based educational programming and has helped facilitate planning and visioning sessions for numerous organizations in varying capacities—as a consultant, an employee, and a nonprofit board member. Resume

Evan Fedorko - Project Geographer

Mr. Fedorko is an experienced multi-disciplinary scientist, researcher, and GIS analyst. He has an extensive background in GIS software and technology and has applied those and other geographic principles to areas of health and epidemiology, environmental impact assessment, public safety, evacuation management, natural resources, economic development, geology, tourism, environment, recreation, public policy, logistics and E-government. Resume

Kendra Hatcher - Project Environmental Scientist

Ms. Hatcher has worked on a variety of water resources issues, ranging from analyzing spatial characteristics of international river basins to measuring local water quality. She has wide experience in field-based data collection and data management, including water chemistry and flow monitoring of surface waters. She has also used GIS technologies for over nine years to analyze and manage spatial data related to natural resources and the environment. Resume

Joey James - Project Scientist

Mr. James is a multi–disciplinary researcher specializing in sustainable economic development and planning for the new economy. He has professional experience in the public, non–profit, and private sectors and has worked extensively in energy policy analyses, geographic information system development, economic modeling, environmental data analysis, and environmental outreach. Resume

Annie Stroud - Food System Coordinator

Ms. Stroud focuses on issues related to sustainable agricultural methods, local food systems, and access to resources for rural economies. She offers expertise in agriculture and food systems assessment, rural business development, and presentation of new technologies to farmers and community groups. Resume

Rachelle Thorne - Staff Geologist

Ms. Thorne is an experienced multi-disciplinary scientist, researcher, and hydrogeologist. She has extensive experience using hydrogeologic principles to conduct site assessment activities and is experienced in using GIS software to manage large data sets and to conduct spatial analyses. She has performed isotopic analysis to evaluate potential fate and transport mechanisms of environmental contaminants and has implemented field sampling programs and hydrogeological field investigations. She is proficient at developing and administering training to diverse audiences that demonstrates appropriate field monitoring and data management techniques. Resume

Andrea Varrato - Staff Scientist

Ms. Varrato offers a unique skillset and expertise in environmental science. She has five years of experience in research, data analysis, and field environmental sampling and has collaborated with a number of public water utilities across West Virginia on sourcewater protection planning. Ms. Varrato has assisted communities and stakeholders in renewable and alternative energy resource planning and in public meeting facilitation. Accompanying her scientific and technical expertise, she has experience in marketing, business development, communications outreach, and social media support. Resume

Our affiliates

Canaan Valley Institute

Canaan Valley Institute assesses, plans, designs, and constructs projects to improve water quality. Our dedicated team works closely with local partners and clients to restore eroding streambanks, enhance habitat in streams, improve wastewater treatment, and engage students in hands-on education. Our projects stimulate local economies and provide clean water for strong rural communities.


RESILIÉNT/CITY offers expert consulting in conceptualizing and developing policies and strategies on disaster risk reduction and urban resilience. RESILIÉNT/CITY uses proven methodologies to help societies better prepare for natural and man-made disasters, to better adapt to climate change, and to reduce and mitigate human and economic losses.

Brent Bailey, Ph.D.

Dr. Bailey is the Executive Director of the West Virginia Land Trust. He has more than 20 years of experience in forestry, natural resource management, environmental education, and local community development on three continents. West Virginia Land Trust

Ted Boettner

Mr. Boettner is the founding director of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization with the goal of supporting public policies that contribute to a shared prosperity for all West Virginians. His fields of expertise include workforce development, fiscal policy, retirement security, and taxation. West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy

Cheryl Brown, Ph.D.

Dr. Brown is an Associate Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics in the West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design, and a member of the Technical Advisory Committee of the Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development. Her research focuses on multiple aspects of agricultural sustainability, including organic and direct marketing, land use and pesticide policies, local and regional food system development, and the impacts of the food system on health. WVU faculty webpage

Alan Collins, Ph.D.

Dr. Collins is a Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics in the West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design. WVU faculty webpage

Ryan Gaujot

Mr. Gaujot is President of GreenRivers, LLC, a full service aquatic restoration company providing services to businesses, communities, organizations, and agencies. GreenRivers services include natural stream design; stream and wetland construction; environmental mitigation; field monitoring; culvert and small bridge design, retrofit, and installation; environmental permits; floodplain management and mapping; stream gage installation and calibration; geologic and hydrogeologic assessments; and training. Resume

Todd Petty, Ph.D.

Dr. Petty is an Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and a Professor of Wildlife and Fisheries Resources in the West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design. He conducts research on watershed ecology and management of fisheries and aquatic resources. WVU faculty webpage

Mike Strager, Ph.D.

Dr. Strager is an Associate Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics and an Adjunct Professor in the West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design. Dr. Strager's work has focused on using appropriate spatial analysis techniques to aid in the management of natural resources, focused primarily on projects involving hydrological modeling and watershed management, prioritizing areas for conservation and restoration, modeling wildlife distributions, and performing landscape pattern analysis. WVU faculty webpage

Trevor Swan

Mr. Swan is a West Virginia-licensed professional civil engineer with a background in mining reclamation design and hydrology, as well as structural design. Through his sole proprietorship, Backwoods Engineering, he offers consulting, design, and construction management services to private landowners, non-profits, and environmentally-minded companies for small- to medium-scale projects. Backwoods Engineering